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The 20 coolest restaurants in Brighton

Brighton’s standing as a playground for young dandies was cemented in the late 18th Century when the Prince of Wales - the future Prince Regent and eventual George IV – made it his Dionysian escape from Royal life.

Over 200 years later and Brighton’s reputation as a city to indulge in a bountiful feast of the senses remains intact. However, it’s only recently that this cavalcade of sensualism extended to eating out.

A flurry of innovative chefs – homegrown and from up the A23 – have made this East Sussex hipster outpost a foodie destination in its own right. What better time then to mark the 20 coolest restaurants in the city. From cutting edge, fine dining establishments to retro tea rooms, and everything in between, we’ve got this covered.

There, and we never mentioned London-on-Sea once!



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