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A gravy bar is opening up in Manchester and you want to go, don't you?

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It’s about time an age-old stereotype about northern England was well and truly hipsterised, so we’re delighted present this: a Manchester bar dedicated to gravy. 

Gravy Bar MCR (you’re not forgetting that one) will launch in the city’s Northern Quarter next month. We know virtually nothing about the menu, but whoever’s running the social media marketing campaign is confident enough to say that the new venture will be breaking new ground with its focus on glorious meaty gloop. 

When you think about it, they might be onto something. Nostalgic millennials went mad for cereal bars. London’s Soho has a joint that exclusively celebrates crisps and dip. People may be more inclined to head out for a Sunday roast if they know they’re not going to be handed a jug of lukewarm Bisto. Plus, there are few meals that aren’t improved by a giant dollop of gravy. 

There really isn’t a lot to go off here – not even an opening date – but this picture surely does all of the required talking. 

Colour us intrigued. And hungry. 



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