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This might be the darkest 'wrong number' prank we've ever seen


Remember when people used to reply with ‘Er, think you have the wrong number LOL’ when you text someone you shouldn’t have? Those seven words and a cheeky abbreviation would quickly rectify the error of your ways, allowing us all to go on living our lives like nothing had ever happened.

Yeah, that doesn’t happen in 2016.

In what might be the darkest, evilest, and at times wrongest wrong number prank we’ve ever seen, poor Vicki, cousin of Imgur user jayology, unassumingly text a phone that her relative Jay hadn’t used since 2005. Instead, she found herself chatting with have-a-go comedian and wannabe lifewrecker Peter.

This is what happened. 

Be warned, this gets dark. Really dark. Like, Frankie Boyle levels of dark. So much so that we feel inclined to mention that if any of the issues below affect you, then please do check out CALM for help.





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