Czech & Speake's new scent


Vetiver, much like jojoba, is a term you often hear mentioned in reference to fragrances and most likely accept without ever discovering what it actually is. Maybe it’s a seed? Or perhaps a berry?

In actual fact, vetiver is the root of a tall grass that grows in the volcanic soils of India and Haiti (thanks, Google), and founder of Czech & Speake Frank Sawkins is so taken with it, he’s created Vétiver Vert — a modern interpretation of classic male fragrances.

Opening with rich and sophisticated citrus notes, they give way to laurel (a shrub) and galbanum (a gum resin). The Haitian vetiver becomes apparent in the base notes, where it’s complemented by sandalwood.

Vétiver Vert is priced at £75 for 100ml. But considering how infrequently Czech & Speake releases new scents — its last one was in 2003 — it seems to be a price worth paying.


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