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You should probably get to know… Tessa Thompson

In our latest interview with the EE Rising Star nominees, the Thor: Ragnarok star talks pygmy goats and surfing

You should probably get to know…  Tessa Thompson
31 January 2018

In our latest interview with the EE Rising Star nominees, the Thor: Ragnarok star talks pygmy goats and surfing

Age: 34

Where you know her from: As Valkyrie, the boozed-up, swashbuckling antihero in Thor: Ragnarok.

Her character Valkyrie in her own words: “She’s an elite warrior of Asgard, hanging out on an alien planet, trying to avoid opening any old wounds from her past by tough-talking and heavy-drinking. She’s the Han Solo of the Marvel universe.”

On being more than a love interest: “It’s exciting to have a woman in space who is arguably as good at fighting, if not better, than Thor, and to have someone who’s kind of nonplussed by ‘the God of Thunder’. Historically, it’s not how we’re used to seeing women respond to the male lead of a film.”

Why filming in Australia had its benefits: “I learned to surf. I became pretty good. I got really adept at paddling out, because I was training every day and gained a lot of muscle mass. So much of surfing is just reading the ocean. I loved sitting on my board, in awe of my surroundings.” 

Why filming in Australia had its setbacks: “It turns out the time I went out surfing – early, early morning, before the sun came up – was prime shark feeding time. One day the newspaper said, ‘Zero days since deadly shark sighting.’ I kind of stopped after that.”

Favourite animal: “I’m really, really fond of goats. I want to adopt a pygmy goat and name it Gal Dagoat, because Wonder Woman rocks. Goats are huge now, on the internet, but I’ve been a fan for ages. It’s like when your favourite indie band starts getting recognition. I’m happy, but also… stay away from my goats, you know?”

On the fine art of weapon-training: “The little daggers [Valkyrie uses] were really, really fun, and easier than a big blade [to handle] because they’re just there, in your hand. I’d worked with a steak knife before – for work! – so I felt quite comfortable with it.”

Valkyrie’s fighting style in a nutshell: “It’s not polished, we wanted her to be someone who could just f*cking kill you in a bar fight. Her style is down and dirty.”

Hardest habit to unlearn: “I did a bit of dance training in the past, so at first I was fighting like I was in a Beyoncé video. A few people used to make fun of me during our practices.”

What it means to be a rising star: “I’m in such good company. Each of these actors have cemented themselves in my mind as real, exciting, next-generation actors because they’re gifted and surprising and completely unpredictable.”

See her next: As the gun-toting ‘Surveyor’ in Annihilation and in Season 2 of wild-west dystopia Westworld. “We just wrapped Season 2, and the cast are still trying to figure out what just happened. But this year, the women really reign supreme so watch out.”

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