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Nobody in the world hates 'flamingos' more than this quiz contestant right now

It was easier to get it right

Nobody in the world hates 'flamingos' more than this quiz contestant right now
Tom Victor
11 April 2018

What’s the worst answer you’ve heard on a televised quiz show?

Was it the person who thought the insect found hovering over lakes was a crocodile?

Maybe it was the contestant who thought the capital of Italy was France, or the one who guessed that the Pope was Jewish.

Your mind might instead go back to the answer on Pointless which looked like it had ended a friendship.

But none can compare with this answer given on the American version of Wheel of Fortune.

It’s easy to slip up under pressure, especially when the correct answer requires some wordplay as on Wheel of Fortune.

You know how it is, filling in missing letters in your head and to give an answer with confidence, it can be easier than you might think to slip up.

However that’s not what happened with this contestant, named Jonny. No, no, no.

Jonny had all the letters in place. Zero blanks. He simply had to read out the correct answer: ‘Flamenco Dance Lessons’

And yet…

You can hear muted applause in the background, as if the audience were on autopilot and didn’t think it possible for anyone to get the answer wrong after doing all the hard work.

The look on Jonny’s face when he learns he hasn’t won the round is one of confusion rather than embarrassment, as if he isn’t sure what has just happened.

One thing’s for certain; we expect he’ll get chills every time he goes to the zoo and sees signs for the flamingo enclosure.

(Images: YouTube/Wheel of Fortune/Pixabay)