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Woman arrested for posting drugs to daughter

Caught through insufficient postage

Woman arrested for posting drugs to daughter
12 March 2012

There's a number of things which shouldn't really be posted. Fresh food is one. Your grandmother's wedding ring is another. Oh yeah and drugs too.

But, if you're really going to do it, at least do it properly. You might as well pay the extra for special delivery on this occasion, for example.

Forgetting to read the handbook on how to be a successful criminal, 63-year-old Marilyn Howell decided to send a parcel of hallucinogenic mushrooms and prescription drugs to her daughter as some sort of bizarre care package. Yet when she went to go and post it, Howell was unwilling to go the extra mile and used a self-service kisok.

Without the help of the US Postal Service, she paid an insufficient amount for posting and the parcel was sent back to the return address. Hoping not to get caught, Howell also used a fake address. When the person at the address opened the package, the police were involved and an investigation led to Howell, and her son, being arrested.

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[via UPI]

(Image: Rex Features)