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Who is sadder: Kanye West or Billy Corgan?

Who is sadder: Kanye West or Billy Corgan?

Who is sadder: Kanye West or Billy Corgan?

It's tough being a musical genius.

Whether it's your words being misinterpreted, your music not being appreciated, or your spin-off clothing line being laughed at, it's a constant struggle to fully express your art.

As Smashing Pumpkins mainman Billy Corgan endured a ride on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland's Frontierland at the weekend, with more pressing matters clearly weighing heavily on his shoulders, even with the choo choo train winding its way round, we were reminded of another pained musician - Mr Kanye West, who declared at the weekend, “I go off on these rants that don’t make any sense, But, I don’t give a fuck."

We feel your pain Kanye. But is he sadder than Billy? We examine the evidence below.

"I am the greatest living rockclimber on the planet. Why does no one believe me"
"Dear diary: loving life at Disneyland"
"Being me is un-bear-able"
"Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage. And that hurts"
"I just wanted a quiet cheeky Nandos"
"I don't like cricket. I loathe it"
"They only have lemon & herb left"
"Why did no one like Zwan?"
"No, I am the dark Lorde, not you"
"Melon collie and the infinite sadness...."

But they can be happy sometimes...

"Yes! Beyonce won this time!"
"These pumpkins are smashing!"