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What's that? A dog flying a plane? Yes, yes it is.

The greatest TV show ever made

What's that? A dog flying a plane? Yes, yes it is.

We're going to go ahead and just hit you with this one straight.

There is a TV show that's been on Sky 1 for the last few weeks called Dogs Might Fly. The concept involves taking a load of rescue dogs and teaching them to fly. And not only that but... well, look at the clip above, they taught a frickin' dog to fly a plane.

If you're reading this and you work in TV you should probably quit your job right now because everything has now been done. Never again will you reach the dizzying heights of creating a smash hit success straight out of Alan Partridges 'idea book'. Never again will anything that your viewing audience lays their excited eyes on quite live up to the expectations that have been raised by this one TV show, for they have seen a dog fly a plane. Everything has been achieved, and it was good, it was beautiful, it was everything you ever wanted. It was a dog flying a plane. At 3,000ft.

In the clip above you can see Shadow, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier-Colly cross, earning his wings like the barking mad, bone lovin' lunatic that he truly is. Before Shadow was scouted to appear in this bonkers incredible TV show, he was 22 hours away from being put down. But he was spotted - spotted and saved by the shows researchers who saw something in his eyes. A glint of hope that said: "Just show me where the cockpit is and I'll fucking fly it."

In news that won't really surprise anybody, all of the dogs involved in the show were successfully rehomed after filming, because, who would not want a dog that could fly a plane?

You can't think of anyone can you? Thought not.

Watch the breathtaking finale to Dogs Might Fly this Sunday 3rd April at 7pm on Sky 1, where you will see a dog flying a mother-lovin' plane.