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Website Sells You $10 for $14.99

Website Sells You $10 for $14.99

Website Sells You $10 for $14.99

The definition of a business genius is someone that can sell ice to an eskimo and, if this website works, it won't be far off that level of accomplishment. is promising to make laundry time easier by selling you a regular supply of quarters to use in the machines - but is charging you 50% commission for the privilege. Buying $10 costs $14.99, while $20 costs $26.99.

The two people behind the site, Shaun Chapman and Caleb Brown, claim that they are only taking 10% of the cost, with the rest going to fund the shipping costs. It's met with widespread disbelief, as many laundromats already have places where you can change your cash, while banks and supermarkets also offer the service. Nonetheless, at the time of writing, six people have already signed up.

Brown admitted that the service was controversial, saying: "It’s a niche market. I know there are bigger problems in the world—and perhaps we should be tackling that—but it was just a [project] we could do pretty quickly, and I still think it’s a nice service for those that need it—a little different, while still being practical."

Check out the website here.



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