Watch Samuel L Jackson answer all the internet's questions about him

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Emily Badiozzaman

Unlike many of his characters, Samuel L Jackson is “an open fucking book” when it comes to answering the most frequently asked questions about him.

While on the press tour for his new film Kong: Skull IslandWired presented the actor with a bunch of Google autocomplete questions about himself for him to answer as part of their The Web’s Most Searched Questions series.

Some were predictable (where he was born) while others were kinda weird (Samuel L. Jackson bacon number?). We were as baffled as the man himself, but turns out it’s that game where you determine links between people, and there are usually no more than six.

He also elaborates on some of his answers with stories, like did he ask George Lucas for a purple lightsaber? “You bet your ass I did” is followed with an anecdote.

Also, he was actually supposed to have a bigger role in Jurassic Park and we get to find out much faster than a Google search why it didn’t happen. 

And is he sponsored by Kangol or what?

Watch the OG bad motherfucker answer the mighty internet’s questions below:


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