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This video of Tom Hardy reciting Bane lines to his dog will make your day

The Bark Knight Rises

This video of Tom Hardy reciting Bane lines to his dog will make your day
07 February 2018

Tom Hardy is one of our very favourite men. He is also one of your very favourite men, because everyone likes Tom Hardy, don’t they. Tom Hardy with his terrible old MySpace photos and his ‘90s rap albums and his total and complete love of dogs. Yes, Tom Hardy is a good man.

About a week ago Hardy wrapped filming on Venom, the Marvel film coming out this autumn in which he’ll star as Eddie Brock. He said upon finishing up that he was happy to have his ‘life back’, and that life apparently means goofing around at home with his pup.

This video of Hardy filming himself quoting Bane lines to his dog is going viral, not least because he has an MMA groin guard covering his mouth to muffle his voice. Hopefully it’s unused.

In typical Bane/Hardy fashion, it’s pretty hard to make out everything he’s actually saying, but we do get the classic line: “You think darkness is your ally? I was born in the dark, moulded by it…”

However, the best bit is when it cuts to his dog’s face at the end, and the dog nails a pretty perfect ‘Jim Halpert look to camera’ face.

Last week we revealed that Hardy has also spent some of his newfound free time getting yet another tattoo - this one all because of a bet he lost with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Hardy and DiCaprio struck up a friendship while working together on The Revenant - the film for which Leo of course finally won his first Best Actor Oscar.

But DiCaprio didn’t just see the movie as his chance to finally take home the big one - he was also convinced that Hardy was so good in his role as John Fitzgerald that the British actor was certain to get a Supporting Actor nomination.

Hardy, being the humble man he is, wasn’t having it, and so the pair made a bet - if Hardy got the nod, he had to get a tattoo, but if he didn’t, Leo would get inked.

DiCaprio of course turned out to be right, and two years later, Hardy has finally made good on his promise, adding a ‘Leo Knows All’ tattoo to his right bicep, to go with the many others he already has covering his upper body. If you look closely, you can see it here:

Thankfully, Hardy will soon have to start filming for Mad Max: The Wasteland, meaning both his dog and his skin will get a well needed break.

(Image: Rex)