It looks like Donald Trump’s running mate has a vampire problem


Donald Trump's recently-announced running mate Mike Pence has more than a few problems.

Firstly, his and Trump's logo was mocked for being more than a little homoerotic, then people started criticising him for going to New York and eating at Chillis (that's like coming to London and eating at Harvester) and now it turns out he has a vampire for a daughter.  

Pence posted the above image at the weekend, and Twitter users were quick to point out that his daughter's reflection was missing in the mirror behind them.

There's only one explanation for this - not that Pence's head is in the way, no - she is clearly a vampire. 

As Pence's strongest opinions seem to be "I hate gay people" and "Women's rights? Nah", we can only assume that being a blood-sucking demon of the night runs in families.