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This is what Apple has to say about augmented reality

Is Tim Cook keen on getting stuck in to AR?

This is what Apple has to say about augmented reality
27 July 2016

Sony is building the PlayStation VR. Samsung has a whole range of VR headsets. Microsoft is working on the augmented reality Hololens device (pictured above). HTC has the Vive. 

So what's Apple doing about the virtual/augmented revolution? Is the tech giant getting left behind?

Tim Cook is a fan of augmented reality

"AR can be really great," said Apple CEO Tim Cook, speaking to reporters and investors during the company's Q3 2016 financial report.

"We have been and continue to invest a lot in this. We are high on AR for the long run," Cook continued. "We think there's great things for customers and a great commercial opportunity. So we're investing."

So is Apple going to build an augmented/virtual reality headset?

While Apple has employed some big hitting VR researchers, they're yet to break cover on exactly how they want to get involved in the reality-shifting party. For now, they want to act as the best platform for helping others make awesome AR apps:

"The number one thing is to make sure our products work well with other developers' kind of products like Pokémon GO," said Cook.

"It's incredible as to what happened there," he continued. "It's a testament to what happens to innovative apps and the whole ecosystem and the power of being a developer, being able to press a button, so to speak, and offer a product around the world."

Could it come with the next iPhone

A torrent of leaks has surrounded Apple's next iPhone, hinting at an improved camera, a new 'Pro' model and a new audio system.

One rumour that hasn't been uttered by many quarters is a mention of VR capabilities, or a VR headset bundle.

We don't think this is an instance of Apple actually managing to keep one secret up their sleeve - they're more than likely waiting for the picture to get clearer on just how much money there is to be made from this new virtual world.

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