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Stephen King has been talking about the presidential candidate that scares him the most

And no, it's not Donald Trump

Stephen King has been talking about the presidential candidate that scares him the most

The King of Horror. The Master of Mystery. The Titan of Terror. The Sultan of Scaring Fifty Shades of Shit Out of Everyone.

Whatever nickname you have for Stephen King, it will probably revolve around the great man’s uncanny ability to put the frighteners on us. So, you may be wondering, just what gives King the heebie-jeebies?

Well it turns out that the person who scares him most isn’t a fictional monster but worse: Ted Cruz, the Republican candidate currently hoping to be the next President of the United States. 

Talking to The Daily Beast, King labelled Cruz as “very scary” before explaining his reasons:

“I actually think Trump, in the end, would be more electable than Cruz because Cruz is a fundamentalist Christian and it would almost be like electing the analog of an Imam.”

Then, turning his attention to another Republican oddball, Donald Trump, King said the billionaire left him "speechless". He added: "At this point, he's said 40 different things that would have gotten him laughed out of the race if he wasn't so outrageous -  he can talk about Ted Cruz being a pussy and it just bounces off! It’s like he’s bulletproof. Will he get nominated? I would’ve said the idea is ridiculous even four months ago, but now I’m not so sure. Then people are saying that if he does get nominated he’d never get elected, and I’m saying, well, hopefully that won’t happen. But who knows."

Though King has always turned down any opportunities of working in politics, even at a local level in his home state of Maine or bigger, the author’s frank political commentaries never fail to be entertaining, lending extra credibility for some and giving no quarter for others.

Looks as if Cruz just doesn’t have that It factor.

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