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These Trump-themed Nintendo games are amazing

It's for research. Honest.

These Trump-themed Nintendo games are amazing
18 May 2016

Cancel your lunch plans. Something much more important just came up.

The creation of New York-based animation storyboard artist Jeff Hong, the Trumptendo sees you reunited with a host of your favourite NES titles of yesteryear - with added Donald.

The amount of work Hong has put into this project is staggering - you can really play each of these games:

  • Donald Trump's Punch Out!!
  • Super Bernie Bros
  • Donkey Trump
  • Donkey Trump 3
  • Donald Trump's Urban Champion
  • Donkey Trump Jr
  • ISIS Bomberman

Several of the games cast you in the role of Bernie Sanders, facing off against your blonde foe in a series of games that are possibly a bit too fun: we don't want to associate Trump with anything too positive now do we?

So, if you fancy engaging in some serious political research to better acquaint yourself with the complex beast that is the American Presidential system, best head over to Trumptendo right now. For education purposes. Honest.