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The best features coming to iOS 10

Appy days

The best features coming to iOS 10
11 July 2016

Good news, Apple fans. 

The latest operating system for Apple's iPhones and iPads - iOS 10 - is now ready for public beta testing!

If you want to put the new iOS through its paces, you'll need to head here to enrol (or enroll, if you're American) as a developer to play around with the test version of the iOS.

Be warned, it won't be perfect, but you'll get introduced to the following fun features set to change up iPhones and iPads when it launches this autumn. 

Clever Photos

The Photos app is getting a big set of updates, with the introduction of smart search functions. 

Want to find that picture you took with a puppy? Search "puppy", and the app will analyse all your images to spot the dog you're looking for. 

The app will also group photos together based on events and locations, creating albums or movies for you to relive past trips.

QuickType is going to get a lot more useful

You know QuickType? The smart keyboard that allows you to swipe through keys and grab nifty shortcuts for words?

It's getting a substantial update, with intelligent integration with Siri: if someone asks you where you are, Siri will be able to bring in a suggested location from the Map app. Someone want your email? QuickType will suggest it for you, having read the other person's question. Clever/creepy, eh?

iMessages are getting stickers

Stickers! Like emoji, but just for iMessages (sorry Android users)! 

Think of the potential for brand-based sticker packs. Just think of it. Nike stickers. Minion stickers. Bieber stickers. 

Okay, stop thinking now. It's a dark, horrible future isn't it?

Siri is going to work with your apps

Siri is about to get a lot more useful: rather than just being able to look things up, the iOS personal assistant will be able to access content and services using voice commands alone. 

This will require app builders to partner with Apple to build Siri integration into their products, but expect big name apps to adopt it early on. 

Invisible ink

Straight out of the pages of a J K Rowling novel, iOS 10 will allow you to spend invisible messages to your mates - meaning both images and messages can remain hidden until a swipe reveals them.

Expect lots of immature uses. Mainly from us. "SURPRISE, giant spider! Sorry."

Celebration messages

Just when you'd given up your resistance of Gifs, Apple is upping the picture-led comms another level with 'celebration' messages. Say “Happy Birthday!” or “Congratulations!” and a big fat animation will take over your recipient's screen. Which doesn't sound annoying at all. 

You'll also be able to draw all over images before you send them. Because... well, why not.

Tap to replace emoji

Written a text message and think it's lacking a bit of emoji love? You'll be able to tap on words for which there are appropriate emoji and swap them in. 


There's a new Home app

Got a bunch of smart home gadgets? You'll be able to control them (so long as they're Apple compatible) with the new Home app - from unlocking your front door to changing your light levels or even tweaking the thermostat. 

Raise to wake

Rather than having to press a button to get your screen to show you what's up, the new 'Raise to wake' function will show you your notifications on your iPhone/iPad as soon as you pick it up.

Rich notifications

No, it's got nothing to do with earning you piles of cash. Soz. 

Notifications will now be 'rich' with data and options, allowing you to view photos and videos or respond to a message right in your notification.

Like all your mates have been doing with their Android phones for years.