The 15 Inadvertently Great Moments Of The Election Trail


Well that was that then. Regardless on your opinions on the vote, you can't say it's not been an adventure.

Here are the funniest moments you might not have noticed...

“Listen, I know all about strikes. I've worked in Government”

As Osborne unveils the world's first human-powered vacuum cleaner, Tory member Diego Costa creeps into shot.

When one publicity hungry Z-list celeb met with Joey Essex

"They may take our lives but they will never take our freeeeeeeedom!"

“The kettle and toaster came with the budget box"

Cameron: always fond of milking a photo opportunity

Superman had aged terribly

"And then I said' 'Nick, you can rule with me in government' And he believed me!" 

Farage's anti-immigration policies were drawing concern

From nowhere, Miliband suddenly went all right wing

Clear proof there were plants in the BBC Question Time audience

After Ed Miliband told him to get stuffed, Boris took it a bit too literally

Much to his delight, Farage found taking candy from a baby really was like taking candy from a baby

"For the last time, Dave, we haven't seen your daughter."

Nick in Scotland, taking five years of anger out on the country's sole Lib Dem supporter.

[Images: Getty, Rex Features]