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Terry Crews proves once again that he's the greatest man alive by granting fan's wish

He's potentially saved a fan thousands of pounds...

Terry Crews proves once again that he's the greatest man alive by granting fan's wish

Terry Crews is a great man, a great big man, a great big funny man, a great big funny nice man with large muscles and a loud voice who can do that Man-O-Man thing with his pecs. God I love Terry Crews and everything he is about.

Anyway, a bit of backstory as to why I’m talking about him today - do you remember this tweet:

Yes, very funny. And then, do you remember when Terry Crews did this in response:

Wonderful, wonderful stuff. A famous celebrity being a legend on the internet - it’s what we’re all here for, really, isn’t it? 

But this particular story is not over, and has reared its head once more, to the delight of internet-users everywhere. Essentially, a ‘Twitter user’ with the ‘handle’ @DarrelKennedy decided to revive this meme and put her own spin on it, by asking her bank if she could have a picture of Terry Crews on her actual bank card.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy as that:

Turns out you can’t just get someone’s face printed on your cards without their permission - this is extremely annoying particularly when it’s a celebrity. How do you get their blessing?

THROUGH TWITTER, that’s how, you out-of-date luddite.

And so, what happened? Well, this is 2017, so you should already know - but in case you don’t, here’s your answer:

And there we come to the end of our story, and what a beautiful conclusion it is. Darrel Kennedy will soon have her Terry Crews bank card, and I, for one, am jealous.

It’s the perfect parable: man does thing on internet, celebrity responds, woman responds by doing thing on internet, celebrity responds - it’s a tale for the ages, a wonderful, heart-warming story to be passed down through generations. And people say Twitter is rubbish.

(Image: Rex)