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Science has actually answered the question of what it would be like to get shot

Ever wondered how the Hollywood action hero does it?

Science has actually answered the question of what it would be like to get shot
03 March 2016

It’s a modern fascination for many of us; wondering exactly what it would be like to be shot.

We've seen it fuelled by plenty of Hollywood action, depicting heroes who can be shot multiple times and still carry on to save the day. But is there any truth to that? What would happen to you if someone actually put a bullet in you?

That’s exactly what Brit Lab of the BBC wanted to find out, testing the process out in the video linked below. They also tried out varying degrees of Kevlar and bulletproof protection, to see what effect they had. 

Shooting a special jelly visualises it best - if you’re shot, the resulting shock and collapse of your flesh is going to cause a lot of damage.

Most surprising though, was the ability to survive a sniper round (travelling at 2,000mph) with a ceramic plate. Sure, it’s a hefty jump up from a plastic Kevlar vest, but if sticking something resembling a roof tile in your front is enough to stop even the most deadly of bullets, you’re not gonna say no to that.

What the BBC didn’t cover though, was what it feels like to be shot. Thankfully, this Reddit comment from three years ago more than adequately describes the effects of being shot and the aftermath it can have.

CommentGunshot wound survivors of reddit: what does it feel like to be shot?

Pretty scary stuff.