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School asks the internet to choose its new name. Instantly regrets everything

Who could have possibly seen this coming?

School asks the internet to choose its new name. Instantly regrets everything

People. They just don't learn do they?

While we, and most of the general public, were heartily in favour of the naming of a £200m Polar Research Vessel 'Boaty McBoatface', it was a major headache for the powers-that-be that innocently wanted to increase public 'engagement' but also, understandably, just wanted a normal name for their ship, so they could get on with their sciencing in peace.

So the Robert E. Lee Elementary school in Austin, Texas should - being a school and everything - have done their homework and learnt their lessons from the Boatface incident when they were considering renaming their fine educational establishment.

It was a particularly tricky situation given that the name-change was being brought about in the wake of several racially-motivated shootings in the south of the States. With the school bearing the name of a confederate general, it was thought a good move to consider bringing in a new moniker.

However, when parents and students were asked to give their suggestions, the inevitable happened.

The full list of nominations currently stands thusly:

Donald J. Trump Elementary: 45 nominations
Robert E. Lee Elementary: 34 nominations
Russell Lee Elementary: 32 nominations
Harper Lee Elementary: 30 nominations
Elisabet Ney Elementary: 15 nominations
Lee Elementary: 13 nominations
Adolf Hitler School for Friendship and Tolerance: 8 nominations
Waller Creek Elementary: 8 nominations
Dr. Frances J. Nesmith Elementary School: 7 nominations
Guy Bizzell Elementary: 6 nominations

With other suggestions of:

Adam Lanza’s School of Fun
Bee Movie
Bleeding Heart Liberal Elementary
Boaty McBoatface Elementary School
Forgetting the Past Dooms You To Repeat It Elementary
Garfunkel Hypothetical Perfect Person Memorial Elementary School
John Cena Elementary
Schooly McSchoolerson

If they name if after Donald Trump, we presume that teaching facts will be a thing of the past.

Just remember everyone: don't let the internet decide anything - they cannot be trusted.

(Image: Rex)