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Ryan Reynolds reveals the best prank he's ever pulled

It's classic dad joke stuff

Ryan Reynolds reveals the best prank he's ever pulled
Tom Victor
14 August 2017

Some actors are reluctant to show their true selves during interview. Ryan Reynolds is not one of those actors.

The Deadpool star gave a glimpse of what he’s all about when he spoke to ShortList last year, while his tweets paint a picture of a man with a unique sense of humour, whether he’s talking about parenthood…

Or fame…

Or art…

Or parenthood again.

Reynolds was recently interviewed by Men’s Health, and shared with the magazine the story of the funniest prank he has ever pulled.

Now, we mentioned he has a unique sense of humour, and his recollection of the prank is further evidence of this.

Reynolds with his actor wife, Blake Lively, and two kids

“A friend of mine left town for a week. When he was gone, I painted his entire office puce,” Reynolds said during a behind-the-secenes shoot. “A strange colour, because it's kind of like this muddy, ugly sort of red.

“But we didn't just paint his office that colour. We painted everything in his entire office that colour," added Reynolds. They painted "the inside of his desk, every pencil, every pen… everything.”

Reynolds also brought up some of his online comments, and how they might be received in other circumstances, saying: “I've certainly said things online where I've thought, oh boy. I'm fortunate that there's some precedent for me acting like a jackass. If I were somebody like, I dunno, Condoleezza Rice, it might be a bit different.”

And also shared some wisdom on swearing: "I love a good compound swear word," he said. "'This party's shitty' isn't nearly as effective as 'This party's a total shit symphony'. That gives it a little jushe."

It’s rare you get celebrities who come across quite so human and genuinely funny in interviews – Ryan, you’re definitely one of the good guys.

(Images: Rex Features)