Ryan Reynolds crashes Hugh Jackman junket, asks him about drugs

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David Cornish

Have you seen Deadpool yet?

We insist that you do so immediately - partly because it's a superb satire of the comic book movie genre and a brilliant adaptation of its source material, but also because it's going to help you make some sense of why Ryan Reynolds would crash an Eddie the Eagle press junket to ask Hugh Jackman about his use of casual drugs.

Maintaining the "couldn't give a f**k" mentality of his Deadpool persona, Reynolds asks Jackman about his role in the new Eagle flick, before grilling him about the train-wreck that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine - the film in which Reynolds first appeared as mercenary Wade Wilson, but didn't quite appear as Deadpool.

Childish, vulgar, egotistical - it's everything we've come to love about Reynolds.