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Robbers want only iPhones

Victims can keep their damn BlackBerries

Robbers want only iPhones

Good news for all those Apple-deniers: you can walk down the street with far less to worry about.

It turns out that robbers are starting to get rather picky. Over in 'former crime capital of the world' New York, a pair of crooks targeting Columbia students wanted only iPhones from their victims.

The first unlucky person gave up their iPhone but the second only had an Android so the robbers took cash instead. Probably because they'd already sampled Cluzee, the lame Android rip-off of Siri .

The third victim claimed not to have an iPhone but they didn't believe her so searched her to make sure. To be fair, it's pretty reasonable to assume that most Columbia students would own an iPhone.

"It's insulting they don't want my BlackBerry," said a worryingly misguided female student.

Police are hoping to catch them via surveillance footage. Might want to launch a stakeout on the closest Apple store.

[via NBC New York]