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'Question Time' audience member says she voted Brexit because of straight bananas

"If you go to Aldi, they're a bit, er, bent"

'Question Time' audience member says she voted Brexit because of straight bananas
03 February 2017

There are many things that swayed people to vote for Brexit. Major issues like immigration, the NHS and trade. 

And also, apparently, minor ones. Like how bananas are now straight, which is outrageous and all down to the EU’s bloody rules they keep imposing on us. Brussels has too much control over life in Britain – people want our country, and bent bananas, back.  

That’s the stance an audience member on Question Timein Wallasey, Merseyside, took, as the boom hung over her head and her voice was broadcast across the nation. 

While debating whether Britain would be economically better off after Brexit following the Bank of England raising growth forecasts, the lady explained what had impacted her decision to vote Leave at the last minute:

“I was voting remain, and at the very last minute I changed my decision and I went to leave.

“And the reason is because I go to a supermarket, and a banana is straight. I’m just sick of the silly rules that come out of Europe.

"It was more than bananas, it's the fact that there's more opportunities out there that I feel we need to see as a country. I’m pleased with the way I voted."

When host David Dimbleby asked if bananas had changed, the lady replied:

“If you go to Aldi, they’re a bit…bent.”

Watch the clip below:

Clearly not only thing that’s straight bananas. Kudos to the guy next to her and Dimbleby for holding it together.

It is worth noting that while the EU sets rules on bananas, unlike common myths will have you believe, there has never actually been an outright ban on bendy bananas.

After decades of individual governments classifying fruit for trade, the European Commission was asked by importers and industry to draw up new rules on banana grading. The rules state that those sold as general should be “free from malformation or abnormal curvature”, those sold as “extra class” must be perfect, “class 1” can have “slight defects of shape” and “class 2” can have full-scale “defects of shape”.

The pencil-pushing bureaucrats!