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Possibly the most infuriatingly good rickroll of all time

Even if we knew who did it, we'd never give them up...

Possibly the most infuriatingly good rickroll of all time

The cruellest thing about rickrolling is that the more time goes on, the more it sucks when you fall for it. When everyone was doing it in 2008, getting rickrolled was like water off a duck's back - it was being done so much, it was bound to happen to you a few times. In the futuristic year 2016, however, being tricked into watching the music video for Rick Astley's 1987 hitNever Gonna Give You Upstings. It really really stings.

It's hard not to feel sorry, then, for residents of Asheville, North Carolina, who found themselves faced with fake parking tickets sporting a QR code. When scanning the code with their phones, they found themselves led not to a payment page, but to a particularly annoying yet familiar music video.

Apart from a few inaccuracies like being larger than real tickets, asking for a higher fine ($100 rather than $10) and real Asheville tickets lacking QR codes, the tickets were pretty convincing, including elements like violation codes and officer IDs, all made up. However, the only crime being committed by the anonymous rickroller seems to be littering.

Whoever's doing this, beautiful work. You're keeping an eight-year-old joke alive, wasting everyone's time, needlessly worrying people into thinking they have to pay hundred-dollar fines and, most importantly, you're gaining absolutely nothing.

The only person gaining anything, in fact, is Mr Astley himself, who has presumably benefited from the 185 million plays his video has now had.

And here's another one.


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