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Nintendo launches 3D gaming

And it's glasses-free

Nintendo launches 3D gaming
29 September 2010

While Playstation and XBox have been battling it out with their next generation controllers, Nintendo have come from nowhere and launched the world's first 3D handheld console.

Amazingly, the developers have designed the 3DS's screen to deliver a three dimensional experience without the need for glasses. Using three cameras - one inner and two outer - the new screen allows players to judge height and depth more effectively. They've also borrowed the motion and gyro sensors from its bigger brother, the Wii to give the console an even more immersive experience.

So far, developers have announced a hotlist of titles to be released on the 3DS with full 3D capability, including Mario Kart, StarFox 64, Metal Gear Solid and The Sims.

The only down side is the console won't be available in time for Christmas, reaching Europe at some point in early March. In terms of prices, early indications suggest the 3DS will be coming in around the £400 mark.

Will you be signing up to buy one?