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“My knees scorched like they'd been dipped into the cauldron of Satan”

Sam from Nottingham reveals how he manned-up and styled it out

“My knees scorched like they'd been dipped into the cauldron of Satan”

Wing-Co. is a chocolate milk drink aimed at helping men to man up. So if you ind energy levels dipping, opt for Wing-Co. We asked ShortList readers to share their tales of when they managed to man up and move on.

Here, Sam from Nottingham recalls manning up in front of his brother. “My brother Neil and I have always been competitive. Find me a set of twins who aren’t.

“Through time, that competitive spirit had begun to diminish – the arrival of children and subsequent tiredness had calmed us. That is, until our 30th birthday. It was a combined party in a marquee. For some reason, someone suggested a first dance for the pair of us. So off we went, me to one side of the dancefloor, he to the other, in what can only be described as a dance-off. At each stage, the moves became more outlandish, the cheers – I tell myself they were cheers – from the crowd pushing us on. I had one final move up my sleeve as the song drew to a close so, taking a run-up, I slid across the length of the dancefloor on my knees.

“I could genuinely smell burning skin from the friction, and suddenly my knees scorched like they’d been dipped in the cauldron of Satan.

“Not wanting to give anything away about the agony, I casually jogged off the dancefloor, high-fiving friends, celebrating my, er, dancing triumph before disappearing out of the marquee quietly in search of ice packs.”

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