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Here’s what you’ve all been googling in 2018

The big search engine in the sky has been telling us the answers all year

Here’s what you’ve all been googling in 2018
Tom Victor
20 December 2018

There are two types of people in the world, those who wonder what the most googled questions of the year are, and those who just google it.

Thankfully, we’ve got the answers for you here, so you don’t have to worry about putting yourself into one of the two camps (unless you got here via a Google search, of course).

Not only do we now know the most searched questions from UK internet users, but we have the numbers for people from a whole host of different countries.

So, with a World Cup summer and a Royal Wedding in 2018, it should be obvious what more Brits searched for than anything else - and yes, we were as predictable as you’d think, with ‘World Cup’, ‘Meghan Markle’ and ‘Royal wedding’ being the top 3 search terms in the UK in 2018.

Meanwhile, according to Google Trends data, via vouchercloud, the top ‘what is’ search was “What is Bitcoin?”, and the same question was number one in the US.

That’s particularly bizarre when you consider knowing what Bitcoin actually is isn’t a barrier to making money from cryptocurrency.

The Royal Wedding and World Cup also featured in other countries’ top searches, even if it was only tangentially related in a couple of cases.

Canadians wanted to know “How old is Prince Harry,” for example, while the French were determined to find out why footballer Antoine Griezmann plays in long sleeves.

Plenty of other queries were related to major events specific to the country in question, with variations on ‘How to Vote’ at the top for both Ireland and Belgium.

Italians, meanwhile had “What is sexism?” at the summit - we’re not sure whether we should be pleased people are trying to educate themselves or upset that so many felt the need to check.

Check out a selected list of top searches below and head to Google Trends for the full lot.

Top UK Searches in 2018:

1. World Cup

2. Meghan Markle

3. Royal Wedding

4. Black Panther

5. Roxanne Pallett

Top UK News Events:

1. Royal wedding

2. Royal baby


4. Jeremy Thorpe

5. Spice Girls

Top ‘What is’ Searches:

1. What is bitcoin?

2. What is GDPR?

3. What is an ibex?

4. What is a nerve agent?

5. What is the Commonwealth?

Top ‘How To’ Searches:

1. How to watch Fury vs. Wilder?

2. How to floss dance?

3. How to watch the Champions League final?

4. How to get the old Snapchat back?

5. How to delete Instagram?

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