Michael J. Fox just played Back to the Future songs with Coldplay - and of course it was brilliant


Roadies? Where we’re going we don’t need roadies.

From Jay-Z to Rihanna to Oasis, Coldplay have performed with some of the biggest names in music, but during their Head Full of Dreams tour in New Jersey last night the band put on arguably their best collaboration to date, inviting the one and only Michael J. Fox up on stage to perform a few of the songs from Back to the Future.

After Martin’s son Moses appeared on the big screen to ask if the band could play a song from their favourite film of all time, Back to the Future (obviously), soon enough they broke out into a rendition of Earth Angel, joined shortly after by Marty McFly himself, appearing on stage half way through introduced by the lead singer and picking up a guitar before strumming along in unison.

“Would anyone like us to do one more song with Michael?” joked Martin as the song ended, but before the masses could shout back Fox was already ripping into Chuck Berry’s infectious rock ‘n’ roll riff. Watch it above - it's as good as you'd expect. They'd probably have played a third song too, but we guess New Jersey wasn’t ready for that yet…

We have to say we were disappointed they didn’t get Christopher Lloyd out to play The Scientist but then you can’t have everything.