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Man robs store on "Shop with a Cop" day

Not a smart move...

Man robs store on "Shop with a Cop" day
07 December 2011

To be honest, there's never a right time to rob a Wal-Mart.

But there are certain times which are definitely better suited than others. For example, if the world had suffered an I Am Legend style virus and you were the last person on earth then it might be more sensible than a day when, say, the place was going to be full of policemen.

By far the bluntest tool in whatever shed he crawled out of, Timothy Randall Clark chose to go on a shoplifting spree at his local Wal-Mart when they held their annual "Shop with a Cop" day. For those who don't know, and we were with you on this, "Shop with a Cop" is a community program where cops and deprived children are brought together through their love of shopping or something.

Clark was seen in a back room, where he was cutting open boxes of video games and video game accessories. The 50 in-store officers were alerted as he walked towards the exit and they pounced. He was found with $635 worth of swag, including 26 games.

Might want to check the parking lot before you try that one again...

(Image: Rex Features)