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Man screaming 'I'm a legend' at train station gets tasered

This is crazy

Man screaming 'I'm a legend' at train station gets tasered

What’s the worst time you can get tasered?

Yes, it might seem like a counter-intuitive question. There’s never a ‘good’ time to get tasered.

However, contrary to popular belief, some times are worse than others.

During a high school recital, for example – that’s probably a bad time.

While swimming away from a shark, too. That doesn’t feel like a great time.

None of these, however, can quite compete with ‘seconds after loudly proclaiming yourself a legend’.


I know you’re busy people, and you normally wouldn’t have time to watch a near-five-minute video during your work day.

However, a) it’s Friday, you’re allowed to slack off a bit, and b) you should really make an exception for this one.

Our hero, if you can call him that, is a legend. How do we know this? Because he tells us as much, obviously. In fact, he tells everyone at London Bridge Station, where this episode takes place, because it would be impossible to be in a mile radius of him and not hear every single word he says.

Now, we’re not saying this short film ‘I’m A Legend’ is better than the similarly titled but much longer Will Smith vehicle I Am Legend, but at the same time we’re saying exactly that, in as many words.

The highlights are many, from the worker asking his boss if he’ll get fired for hitting the guy, to Johnny Legend’s voice breaking mid-‘what?!’ around the one minute mark.

Perhaps the best part is the attempts to restrain him from a woman at least a foot shorter than him, to the point where the height difference makes it look like a Tom & Jerry cartoon.

Maybe it’s even the vocal proclamation that “I’m from Margate,” perhaps the least threatening thing anyone can say when trying to look hard.

Okay, we’ve strung you along for long enough. Here’s the clip.

I know a lot of these don’t deliver on the hype, but I think you’ll appreciate you had nothing to worry about.

(Images: YouTube/Giphy/Rex Features)


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