Forget the National Anthem, Jeremy Corbyn forgetting the words to Incy Wincy Spider is TREASON


He doesn't bow to the right people.

He won't sing the national anthem.

He won't support a UK nuclear deterrent.

But all this pales into insignificance compared to the latest outrage to be pinned on Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

He can't sing Incy Wincy Spider. He doesn't even know how to do the hand actions. What kind of paternal figure is this to lead the nation if he doesn't even know the hope inspired by the returning Sun and renewed climbing success. 

Filmed at a visit to Crawley's Caterpillars Pre School (which educates children, not caterpillars), Corbyn attempted to join in the nursery rhyme standard after listening to the concerns of parents who will be affected by tax credit cuts proposed by the Conservative government.

At least he tried?