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Jake Humphrey's guilty pleasures

Jake Humphrey's guilty pleasures

Jake Humphrey's guilty pleasures

He's not faking that unflappable manner - BT Sport's Jake Humphrey is a quiet lake of philosophical musings: "My advice is to accept the wrinkles round your eyes and convince yourself they tell a story - it's all part of the rich tapestry of life. You're not becoming older, you're just becoming more mature."

From a Classic FM to frozen ready meals, the "nice guy" of British sports presenting takes us through his guilty (and comfortably middle class) pleasures.



"Michael Portillo’s Great British Railway Journey. Basically, Portillo travels around the UK using a really old book which talks about railway journeys from 60-70 years ago. He recreates those journeys, sees what has and hasn't changed and goes to various locations on the routes. It's properly geeky - he discusses station architecture, or finds some narrow gauge railway in the deepest, darkest part of Norfolk and talks about the important role it played in the second world war. It's proper friendly television - it just makes you feel all warm and fluffy inside."


"Something weird has happened to my wife and I since we've had our daughter - my finger has gone so far along the dial that we are now listening to Classic FM. I've become my mother. We've moved on from modern music and skipped straight to classical. Everyone else in their thirties will deny it, saying they're still listening to Happy Hardcore - that's a lie. They're all listening to Classic FM with a crying baby in the back of their car, hoping it'll fall asleep."


"I live in a house with two girls - my wife and my daughter. I'll be flicking through the selection and thinking "Yes, Mission Impossible 3" and every single time my wife has the control and puts on something like Valentine's Day... I think we must have watched Four Weddings and Notting Hill around 30 times. My current guilty pleasure is About Time. It's about a boy who can go back in time... I don't want to ruin it, but this ability runs in the family - he can go back in time and achieve amazing things, or make massive mistakes. It's good fashioned Richard Curtis: British accents, nice looking houses, nice middle class families having a great time, with a twist. It's very comfortable and quaint... have you noticed there's a recurring theme here?"


"When you've spent an hour and a half trying to change the nappy of a ten-month-old who's wriggling on her back trying to be anywhere but near you, you can't be bothered to make dinner. What we've started to do is using this frozen food service called Cook. It's made to taste like home-made food. The last two dinner parties we've had, we've gone to Cook, bought the frozen food, swapped the packaging for our own dishes and snuck it in the oven before our guests arrive. Twice they've complimented us on this delicious evening meal that we've provided. They had no idea."


"Do you know AgingBooth, where you take photos of people and make them look really old? I've got some great shots from when I was at the Euro's for the BBC - I've got Gary Lineker, Mark Lawrenson, Martin Keown and Fearne Cotton, all looking really aged. They'll be really good to release them at some stage: 'I've got a photo of Fearne Cotton without any makeup on.' Harmless blackmail."


"My wardrobe has survived the ageing process so far. I think because I'm on the TV I'm quite aware that I shouldn't look too old and boring. It's very easy when you're a football presenter to dig out the sheepskin coat, or the modern wool equivalent - every time I turn on the TV and watch other football presenters they're all wearing long wool coats. My piece de resistance when I'm feeling particularly bold is to go on air with a really nice Belstaff biker jacket. I have to say, I think most TV channels wouldn't allow it on their football coverage - but BT seem quite cool with it. It's got a great big furry collar, which so far my wife has made me unclip every time I've nearly gone on with it. I'm still waiting for the right moment to break it out."

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