If you have one of these jobs you’re probably an absolutely awful driver



Not only are these professional bean counters statistically more likely to be the dullest person at a party, according to a new study, they’re also most likely to run you off the road as well.

Surveying one million motorists, car insurance firm 1st Central has released its list of the 10 worst drivers in the UK by profession, with accountants - who claim 16,000 accidents annually – judged the worst of the lot – closely followed by solicitors, doctors and financial advisors.

Could it be coincidence that the top four professions also happen to be some of the most well-paid out there, enabling them to buy faster cars? Or could the stresses and long hours associated with such high-level occupations simply make these employees more prone to having a bump behind the wheel?

We’re inclined to say the former, but for now, check the rest of the list below to make sure you’re not a potential menace to UK highways.