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Here's how to use Pokémon GO's new tracking feature

Pokémon GO used 'Common Sense'! It was super effective!

Here's how to use Pokémon GO's new tracking feature

Pokémon GO used 'Common Sense'! It was super effective!

Niantic Labs drew the ire of millions of Pokéfans earlier this month, when the first major update of the record-breaking app removed one of the game's integral features. 

What did Niantic do?

Shortly after launch, users found that the 'Nearby' function of the app - that allowed them to identify which Pokémon were in the vicinity - was broken.

Rather than fixing it, the update removed it, thus leaving players at a loss to know how they could find rare creatures short of just wandering around with their fingers crossed. The reviews of the app promptly plummeted (as pictured above).

Forget old Nearby, now we've got NEW Nearby!

Nearby will now actually show you where Pokémon are hanging out, so long as it's near a Pokéstop. Tap the Pokémon that's Nearby, tap 'View' and you'll be given an aerial view of which Pokéstop that Pokémon is lurking at.  

But wait, there's more

In addition to 'Nearby', there's a new way to track Pokémon: Sightings.

Sightings functions a lot like the previous (broken) footsteps system: this list, which updates every so often. It shows Pokémon that are "in the wild", without indicating how close they are.

The update details listed on the App Store state that Niantic is "currently testing a variation" of the Nearby feature. That could indicate they've not made up their minds as to which tracking feature they're sticking with; both Nearby and Sightings, or just one over the other. 

Either way, we're just bored of being surrounded by Drowzees and Ratatas. Where's our Pikachu, dammit...