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Here's the emotional speech that 'Moonlight' director Barry Jenkins actually wanted to give after Oscars win

This is what he wanted to say

Here's the emotional speech that 'Moonlight' director Barry Jenkins actually wanted to give after Oscars win
02 March 2017

The now-infamous Best Picture fiasco definitely gave an otherwise tame and predictable Oscars the shot in the arm that newspaper editors across the world craved, but it didn’t really allow actual winners of the big award – in case you’ve been enjoying a nice pre-Easter holiday under a rock, La La Land was mistakenly brought onto the stage to collect the prestigious statuette instead of Moonlight, leading to a nightmarishly awkward handover in front a visibly puzzled audience – the moment it obviously deserved. 

The Rock wasn’t the only one giving the entire balls-up a People’s Eyebrow of Disbelief, and in the midst of the carnage, director Barry Jenkins, joined by the Moonlight cast and crew, was eventually handed a mic and told to make sense of it all. 

Jenkins and producer Adele Romanski made sure they thanked all the right people in an acceptance speech that was heartfelt but ultimately rushed. If we as viewers were baffled by what had happened, you can only imagine how they felt. 

Now the dust has settled and we all know that presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were handed the wrong envelope by accountant Brian “You Had One Fucking Job Mate” Cullinan, which caused the mix-up, Jenkins has revealed the speech that he intended to give had everything transpired the way it was supposed to. 

In a brief but moving address he spoke about the bond he felt with the movie’s central character, Chiron, and how he hoped his journey could be an inspiration for others. 

And if you still haven’t seen Moonlight, then get that addressed ASAP. Best Picture, don’t you know. 

(Main image credit: REX)