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Having issues downloading iPhone apps? You're not alone

Apple's App Store has been failing to let users download and update several key aps

Having issues downloading iPhone apps? You're not alone
14 July 2016

Struggling to get your Netflix app to update? Trying to download Snapchat with no luck?

Don't worry - Apple's App Store has been having one of those days.

There are some App Store 'issues' going around

It's not altogether clear what these 'issues' relate to, but a number of app providers have become aware through user complaints that their apps are struggling to download updates, or even install in the first place.

It's only impacting some apps though

There's no telling which apps the issues will impact: some appear to be functioning without issues, while others will refuse to update or download. 

Apple is yet to offer any answers

At the time of writing, Apple is yet to provide any updates to its 'System Status' page.

If you're having problems with apps refusing to update or install, there's not a lot you can do about it for now. Just... go for a walk? Read a book? Take a deep breath, it'll all be sorted soon, we're sure.

It's apparently impacting a lot of people

Have a browse through the @AppleSupport interactions and you'll see that they're more than aware that something is going on...