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Facebook knows what your break-up song will be

Happy Valentine's Day

Facebook knows what your break-up song will be
13 February 2012

If you've ever been dumped then you'll be aware of the therapeutic power of music.

Along with alcohol and self-pity, it's a vital tool in helping to get over someone. On the other end of the spectrum, Facebook succeeds at being incredibly unhelpful. Providing you with a torturous update of what your ex is doing without you, it's wise to steer clear.

Well, it seems as though we're masochists. To "celebrate" Valentine's Day, the team at Facebook have revealed what songs people are most likely to play at the end of a relationship. How do they do this, you scream? Well, firstly they know when you're out of a relationship (thanks to your input) and secondly, with help from Spotify, they know what you're listening to around that time.

The break-up song du jour is The Cave by Mumford & Sons, which isn't a surprise with lyrics like "I'll find strength in my pain" and "It's empty in the valley of your heart". Here are the other break-up songs:

Crew Love by Drake

All of the Lights by Kanye West

Rolling in the Deep by Adele

Take Care by Drake

It Will Rain by Bruno Mars

We Found Love by Rihanna & Calvin Harris

Call It What You Want by Foster the People

Love You Like a Love Song by Selena Gomez and the Scene

Without You by David Guetta featuring Usher

It's not all misery though as they also looked at what songs you tend to play when you're entering a relationship. Choice number one is Don't Wanna Go Home with Jason DeRulo. The other songs are:

Love On Top by Beyoncé

How to Love by Lil Wayne

Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars

Good Feeling by Flo Rida

It Girl by Jason Derulo

Stereo Hearts by Gym Class Heroes featuring Adam Levine

Criminal by Britney Spears

No Sleep by Wiz Khalifa

Free Fallin' by John Mayer

[via Facebook]

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