Exclusive Travis Pastrana Infographic


Remember when you dared your friend at school to jump off that really high wall? It was fun wasn't it (after he left hospital and you wrote a letter of apology). Now imagine that, only much bigger, much better and without the threat of legal action.

Red Bull have announced that US Racing legend Travis Pastrama will be taking part in 'Challenge Travis', a competition for fans to come up with the craziest stunt ideas possible, which he'll then perform when he and his Nitro Circus crew arrive in the UK for the first time in December.

As the infographic below shows though, you'll have to think outside the box to come up with something that he hasn't already done. However, it's not impossible: 120 broken bones means that there are still 86 left that haven't snapped yet, so they must be the target.

Check out Travis and his pals in action below, and submit your ideas at the Red Bull website.


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