Drunk Sir Patrick Stewart loves hardware stores more than you love life

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David Cornish

What's your favourite thing? That one thing that gets you more emotionally strung than anything else on God's green Earth?

Cheese? Charlton Athletic? The cold side of a pillow? 

For Sir Patrick "Picard" Stewart, it's hardware stores. Those drills. Those belt sanders. Rawl plugs man, bloody rawl plugs. He can't get enough of rawl plugs.

Don't take our word for it: the man himself extolled his devotion to all things DIY this week, after what we assume were a few quiet drinks on a warm Wednesday evening. Upon encountering a British hardware store (offering a mean deal on a DeWalt power drill for £130), Sir Stewart unpacked his emotions to Twitter in a speech of Shakespearean proportions. 

This man is a national treasure. 


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