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China actually went and built that weird elevated bus

The wheels on China's new bus are really, really tall

China actually went and built that weird elevated bus

See this right here? This is some serious future stuff being built in right bloody now in China. And we want in.

Back in May, we all got rather excited when a miniature model of the 'Transit Explorer Bus' (TEB) was shown off at Bejing's International High-Tech Expo. We weren't alone: such was the popularity of a concept that's been in the works since 2010, that the TEB has actually been built. 

So we can all go and ride the TEB?

A 300-metre test track has been built for the TEB in the Hebei Province of northwest China. 

Currently limited to speeds of 10kmph, the test is a proof of concept: only one passenger compartment has been constructed, demonstrating that the bus can pass over stationary traffic. 

It can carry up to 300 people

Bigger than your average tram or train carriage, the TEB is pretty massive at 21 metres in length and 7 metres in width.

It's got a ground clearance of just over two metres

Is your car over two metres tall? That might be a problem...

It's still not known when the TEB will be launched...

...but look at it. It's amazing. No, we've no idea what it'll do when it encounters a truck, van or tall vehicle, but that's a problem for city planners, right? We're sure they'll figure it out. 

(Images: China Xinhua News)