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Beer-drinking cows get busted by cops

Moo-ve along guys

Beer-drinking cows get busted by cops

Picture the scene: you're enjoying the sun, having few beers in your garden and then suddenly, the cops are there and you're in trouble.

Okay and now picture that you're a cow. Yeah, feels weird right?

Over in Boxford, Massachusetts, a call for loose cows had the local police on their tail. When they were found in the front yard of a house on Main Street, the cops thought they had them sorted. But before they knew it, the mischievous creatures had run around the back of the house.

A bunch of "young adults" were enjoying the weather and some beers when they were chased off by the alcohol-seeking cows. The bovine alcoholics then proceeded to clean up the remaining beer.

According to Boxford Police Lieutenant James Riter, they preferred Bud Light over Miller Lite. Sensible choice.



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