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Apple is sending weird invisible tweets

Apple is cranking up the hype ahead of this week's event launch

Apple is sending weird invisible tweets
05 September 2016

Do you follow @Apple on Twitter?

It's odd. Go and have a look at it now, we'll wait... 

See? The official Twitter account of the largest tech brand in the world has zero tweets. 

Apple is active on Twitter - its @AppleSupport and @AppStore accounts are awash with updates and interactions - but its main handle has been gathering dust for years. 

Until now.

This is a 'paid' tweet, a promotion that Apple has stumped up cash for to appear in the Twitter feeds of people who have expressed an interest in Apple-related Twitter activity. 

As the tweet indicates, it's not your average 140 character shout out: if you retweet it, it will trigger an automatic tweet reply like the following...

It's all a bit odd: rather than approaching Twitter to further its brand voice for free, Apple would appear to have a preference for paying to reach the people it knows will be interested in their 7 September event. Samsung performed similar 'invisible tweet' activity back in February, but Samsung also has an active presence on Twitter. 

It all points to Apple wanting to make a lot of noise for its new toys. Check out everything we're expecting to see here