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A Guide To Abs

A Guide To Abs

A Guide To Abs
19 March 2014

Running, lifting and sweating will get you in the shape you want, but these finishing touches are just as important


Speed up the process of creating definition, especially if you already have a toned physique. Guarana and bitter orange peel extract encourage the area into fat-burning mode, and its molecules are isolated and encapsulated to ensure maximum potency to deliver into deeper layers of the skin. Perfect for harnessing that six-pack.

The Six-Pack Treatment £59 for 120ml by NUBO


For those near their ideal weight who want to rid a little fat, this non-invasive, non-laser, no-downtime treatment uses cryolipolysis; fat cells are cooled so they crystallise, die and are flushed through the body.

Treatments from £800 at The Rejuvenation Clinic; 020-7323 9012


Pec Fix has a unislim and laracare complex to help sculpt, firm and tone pecs to give contour.

Pec Fix £16.95 for 100ml by NIP+MAN; Boots nationwide

Post-workout recovery

Ingredients such as sea salt, clove and alpine lavender soothe, recharge and energise mind and muscles by warming the body and boosting circulation.

Aching Muscle Super Soak £34.50 for 400ml by ELEMIS


For those who are close to, or have managed to reach, their ideal weight and just want to focus on firming up the last of their slightly wobbly waistline, Shiseido’s Abdomen Toning Gel is good for kickstarting the process of shaping up. The formula contains grapefruit oil and caffeine, and both ingredients have properties that work to inhibit fat production, as well as helping to burn the existing stores of fat.

Abdomen Toning Gel £40 by SHISEIDO


Inhibitif’s body lotion works to keep hair regrowth at bay after two weeks’ use.

Hair-Free Body Hydrator £14.99 for 100ml by INHIBITIF; Boots nationwide

Reduce your waist

You’re exercising, but don’t have muscle definition. Made with brown seaweed, which has proven slimming properties, Tummy Tone can reduce your waistline in 28 days.

Tummy Tone £19.99 for 150ml by DR CEUTICALS


Detox does not mean diet – this five-day programme is high in protein, with a detox shot, greens blend and protein meal replacement. The nutrient-dense mix stops food cravings, and the a detox programme can re-jig your internal system with super-antioxidants.

Ultimate Detox Kit £83 by DAVID KIRSCH


Reset Room’s tattoo removals require just one or two treatments. The lasers reduce dyspigmentation and scarring.

Patch testing from £49 at The Circle London