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A Guide On What Not To Do As A Tourist

A Guide On What Not To Do As A Tourist

A Guide On What Not To Do As A Tourist

There you are, settling down to a meal with your hosts in Nice, exercising what little French you have and hoping the wine will fill in the gaps. Everything's going swimmingly as the main course arrives - grilled sea bream with a side of lettuce and dauphinoise potatoes - when conversation suddenly grinds to a halt. You pause, your fork halfway to your mouth with a bite-sized chunk of salad and fish. You've apparently ruined the atmosphere, but you've no idea why.

What you should have done is checked in with the culturally-aware minds of A quick glance at the following guide of what not to do as a tourist would have revealed that cutting your salad with a knife and fork can be taken as an insult to your host's food preparation. 

From what not to give your hosts in Mexico to levels of public displays of affection in Jamaica, best check in with this collection of cultural etiquette so as to avoid any awkward scenarios on your travels. 

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