Slipknot songs with just the vocals are equal parts hilarious and terrifying

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Gary Ogden

Listening to a song is great, particularly when it’s a properly good one – feels all nice in your ears, doesn’t it? Feels so good that you just want to do it over and over again. It’s also possible to listen to a song in different ways, to notice new things, and the appreciation can continue in different forms.

One way to do that is to track down the instrumental – that way you can really appreciate the musical side of things. But what of the topside? Where does the singer come into this?

Well, some clever internet person has been isolating the vocals of a load of classic songs and uploading them for our listening pleasure. It’s actually quite strange how mesmerising these voice-only versions are, and they’re also huge testaments to the talent of the singer. Also, sometimes they're pretty scary/hilarious, like when it involves Slipknot:

Here are some more of our favourites:

You can check out more here. Fingers crossed they do this song next.


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