Tom Cruise gets fighty again in first trailer for the Jack Reacher sequel


Playing 6ft 5in Jack Reacher was always going to be something of a tall order for 5ft 7in Tom Cruise.

And yet, despite initial concern from fans of the Lee Child series over his casting, 2012’s film adaptation was a resounding success. Or at least it was if you take into account it’s yielded a sequel: Never Go Back.

Patently ignoring this advice in more ways than one, Cruise’s military man-turned-PI goes back to Washington, where an old friend has been “set up” and needs his help. Cue conspiratorial plotlines, an unholy amount of fight scenes, and even some Bryan Mills-esque phone threats from our man:

“You should start running. Because I’m going to start hunting, and when I find you I’m gonna kill you all.”

Let's pray he didn't get a wrong number.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is in UK cinemas from 21 October