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You've probably broken the law on Snapchat without even realising it

You're probably familiar with Snapchat, yes? Of course you are - you're a man of the world, eager to engage in the dissemination of brief snaps of your cool, active, interesting life.

But are you aware that if you were to take a screenshot of an image someone sent to you privately, and then send that screenshot to someone else, you can be sued by the original sender – and even face a prison sentence?

We weren't. It only came to our attention after Culture Minister Ed Vaizey outlined the legal pitfalls of pinching and sharing a private Snapchat.

Vaizey was asked by fellow MP Jim Shannon what steps the Government was taking to ensure that Snapchat images were not "made public without the consent of the image owner". In a written Parliamentary answer, Vaizey outlined that anyone who has sent a screenshot of an image to another person without the sender's consent might have broken the law on two fronts.



You've probably broken the law on Snapchat without even realising it


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