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John Boyega is working to bring us the Star Wars video game we all want


You're familiar with John Boyega, right?

Born in Peckham, rose to fame as an actor in Joe Cornish's Attack The Block, then became a bit of a big deal as Finn in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Yeah, *that* John Boyega. 

Not content with his role as a central saviour of Disney's Star Wars revival, the 23-year-old actor has turned his Boyega-magic toward another much-abused avenue of the Star Wars saga: video games.

Here he is cutting to the chase with EA, publishers of the recent Star Wars: Battlefront game.

Now, Star Wars: Battlefront was a good game. A great game in fact. But one aspect it fell short in was offering 'casual' players (as in, anyone with a day job who doesn't have the time to master online video games with four hours of practice a day) to take a break from being beaten up by kids, and a chance to explore the wider Star Wars world by themselves. 

EA was quick to point out that the game does come with 'Missions'...

Just like that, in one succinct Tweet, Boyega condensed several thousand words of video game reviews and aimed it squarely at the people who could make the difference. 

Give us a Star Wars narrative, EA. Let us play through that amazing world you captured in Battlefront, but without 14-year-olds telling us they did something awful to our mums while they shoot us into oblivion with their superior reaction times. 

Amazingly, Boyega has actually been granted his request to visit the EA base...

Here's hoping he continues in his new role of 'Voice of the Star Wars fanbase' and gets us the game we all really want.

(Image: Rex)



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